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A new generation of smart User Interfaces…

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An unique control of your Information, Environment & Entertainment…

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Dynamic Infos & Services for Owner, Guests, Crew, Staff, at your fingertips…

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Total control over Music, Movies, Channels, and all other Media Sources…

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And also, your Environment, Ambiance, Comfort, Security and more…

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Akumendo enhances existing or newly build Audiovisual, Entertainment, Automation, Security & Information advanced systems with a comprehensive set of unified and smart User Interfaces...

Movies, Music, Photos, News, Infos, Services and advanced workflows, are now at your fingertip with simplicity and personality...

Owner & Guests enjoy a commanding access to media libraries, informations and room controls for leisure or business...

Crew & Staffs have access to an easy to use yet powerful backoffice adapted to their specific workflow...

AV Devices Control

Dvd & BluRay
Apple TV
Satellite TV
AV Receivers

Compatible with existing control systems ( e.g. Crestron, AMX, Savant, etc… )

Steward Call

Fully configurable text messages and audio calls received on iPads, iPhones, future Watches and optional gateway to crew VHF…

Crew Backoffice

Crew "in-out" list
News management
Guests informations
Crew & Staff updates

Customizable Artwork

All user interfaces can be dynamically personalized for
Owner, Special Guests, Charter, Events
Artwok is carefully crafted to match your original "look & feel"…

Smart Rooms Control

Climate Control
Blinds & Drapes
Lights & Ambiances
Doors & Locks
Lifts & more…

Owner & Guests infos

Amenities, Guest Guide
Onboard News
Activity programs
Local ressources

Special Modules

Interactive Floorplans
Navigation infos
Tenders & Sea toys services
CCTV & Surveillance
Door bell, Gangway intercom

Media Library

high-capacity storage
high performances
secured & shared

Compatible with iTunes, Plex or any similar media players…


Akumendo, rather than re-inventing unjustifiably expensive proprietary products, is based on widely used standards and open technologies...

User Interfaces are delivered to iOS devices ( iPads, iPhones, iPods and the future Watch ) from an Akumendo Server based on one or more Mac Mini(s) installed within your network…

Each iOS device runs a native application easily installed from our server. This "app" becomes the central "hub" of all your remote controls, information pages, services calls and media libraries access…
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Akumendo provides an unique design, our interfaces are very carefully crafted for excellent usability and personality ! At last, users have - at their fingertips - smart control, rich information and easy communication they deserve… A true extension of your superb decor and services…

Our Designers & Architects added outstanding value by creation of an elegant and highly customizable User Experience...

Customizable Artwork

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To know more about us and - most importantly - what we can offer to bring value and unparalleled user experience that will respect, enhance and boost your Entertainment & Information system project, please contact us ( see at the bottom of this website ) or come and meet us during the next event :

METS 2021 - Amsterdam - November 16/17/18 - Riviera Yachting Network booth 07.448 : our team will be available for meeting ( please, contact us to check our agenda ! )
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Akumendo team can organise with you a personalised demo session, along with the latest informations about "state-of-the-art" AV & IT systems onboard, for your own team, Crew Members, Project Managers, Owner's Staff, etc… ( please, contact us to check our agenda ! )
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What added value brings Akumendo to my boat or my hotel ?
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    Akumendo brings a lot of value and welfare to the Guest and is the basic brick for upcoming refit or new buildings, where you can plan to upgrade and integrate a modern state of the art AV solution that we, or another supplier, will provide.
  • Can I download Akumendo App from the App store ?
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    No, it isn't necessary. It works with a local server on board, so you can download the App from our server, but to use it you need to be connected to the server.
  • Why do I use iTunes ?
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    Most of the Guests coming on board have today an Apple Macbook or an iPad and an iPhone. Even a PC can use iTunes. With iTunes they can all share their library content (for them only or for their friends) in an instant and easily.
    We are anyhow using other movies player that can access the VOD server, so other solution than iTunes are embedded in our system.
  • Do I need an internet connection to watch a movie or play music ?
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    No your movies/music data base is managed on board on a local server through iTunes.

    The internet connection is only required during the commissioning of the system.

    We use iTunes more for the sharing possibilities than for the movies and music's facilities.

    We are not using iTunes to download movies and music's, of course you can do it, but we provide the tools to create a data base available on iTunes without the need to download from iTunes.
  • Can I use my Android Phone with the system ?
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    No as it is based on a IOS native Application. But on demand we can provide our system as a WebApp that will work with Android tablets and phones. Anyway, the result achieved will not be comparable, quality and speed will be less good.
  • How do I use a third system installed on board ?
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    It is really the Akumendo philosophy, The opposite to what you usually find on the market. We bring the all in one system that is missing on board but we use the existing architecture. We then avoid the single point of failure caused by all in one systems offering a server and the clients.
    We provide the control of your third system on board, but with add other features at the same time. It is a real integration of this device, no just one among the others
  • Can I use my Kaleidescape system on board ?
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    Yes we provide the Kaleidesape remote control. You can even more enjoy to use your Kaleidescape with Akumendo as it is fully integrated in your control device.
  • What can I do with my old automation system ?
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    If it works good, just keep it, we give it a new life time with modern and highly design portal.
  • Can I use an external hard drive containing my movies ?
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    Plug it to the server with a USB connection and launch your movies from any iPad available. Then watch it on the TV you like.
  • Can I maintain the system without Akumendo team ?
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    Most of device used are maintainable through the manufacturer's distributors network.
    As we use Apple Mac Mini server, it is easy to buy a new one anywhere and to reload the configuration from the back up.
    Today, with better connection's condition on board, we can provide remote access for maintenance.
    But the main point is that you will have an open system that can be serviced, maintain, modify by other people than our recommended partners. It works with a local server on board, so you can download the App from our server, but to use it you need to be connected to the server.


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We are eager to answer your questions !

Akumendo is a highly customizable framework, we are looking forward to meeting with you and elaborate your very special specifications…

In the meantime you can get our overview document :
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You can also interact with us and get our last news, events, quotes and projects informations here :
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